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Remote connection to Raspberry Pi by ngrok

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How to make it possible to connect remotely to Raspberry Pi, even to the internal IP and behind the firewall?

  1. Create ngrok account (
  2. Download and unpack application on our Raspberry:
    curl -O
  3. From Auth tab ( copy command for config auth token.
    ./ngrok authtoken {token}
  4. Add to cron start ngrok on system boot.
    crontab -e
    @reboot {path_to_ngrok} tcp 22 &
  5. That’s all! Our Raspberry is configured, to check current port go to status tab on ngrok panel ( 
Widoczność połączenia w panelu ngrok.

6. To connect over ssh use command:
ssh [email protected] -p 10370


– After reboot (on free account) a new port will be assigned.

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