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Domoticz installation – the control center

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Run the installation command:
curl -L | bash
Then follow the instructions:

Hit enter.
Keep the HTTP oraz HTTPS protocols selected, then press enter.
Set the port at which we want available panel on HTTP protocol. I keep default.
Also set the HTTPS port. I recommend to keep default.
Set Domoticz installation path.
Installation successful! Domoticz is available under the IP address or the host name.

After goto or http://pi01.local:8080 Domoticz appears with information to continue the configuration.

Fresh Domoticz installation.

According to suggestion go to hardware tab and add sensors from our Raspberry Pi. Write name of Raspberry Pi and select type Motherboard sensors after that hit Add button.

Adding first hardware.

After successfully adding your hardware, goto settings to do this select from top right corner Setup -> Settings. In settings set your coordinates it is necessary to so that Domoticz knows when it is sunrise, sunset, etc.

Po pomyślnym dodaniu naszego hardware, przechodzimy do ustawień, aby to zrobić wybieramy w górnym prawym rogu Setup -> Settings. W ustawieniach konfigurujemy swoje współrzędne, jest to niezbędne to tego aby Domoticz wiedział kiedy jest u nas wschód, zachód słońca itp.

Next step is add sensors from motherboard our Raspberry. To do that go to Setup -> Devices, it will be there list with available sensors.

List of available sensors from the Raspberry Pi motherboard.

To add sensor click green right arrow similarly, if we do not want a sensor in our dashboards, click the blue left arrow. After adding the sensors of interest to us, we can view their values in the Temperature and Utility tabs.

CPU temperature.

If we want to add a given sensor to main dashboard, just click on the star. After adding all of the sensors from the Raspberry dashboard it looks like this.

Domoticz, dashboard with all Raspberry Pi sensors.

What’s next?

In the following entries, we will deal with the further configuration of Domoticz. Domoticz, by frequent saving temporary files to the memory card, can break it, sometimes even in a few days. To avoid this, we will configure a ram disk for temporary files.

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